Horlick Application Notes

Application Notes from The Horlick Company

Horlick Industrial Control Panels Used to Control Water Treatment Systems.

A US-based, worldwide water management solutions provider uses Horlick control panels to control its mobile wastewater treatment facilities.

Connecting and controlling multiple, remote industrial control panels through fiber optic cable.

A soil remediation project requiring 10 remote recovery wells will be controlled via separate control panels using fiber optic cable.

A motor-generator set used to convert power from 60 Hz to 50 Hz

Examples of manufacturers using Horlick 50SC Model, as a 60 to 50Hz Converter, motor-generator set to test their products prior to shipping to customers in overseas markets

Frequency Conversion from 60 Hz to 400 Hz

Horlick motor-generator sets provide 60-400 Hz frequency conversion for naval and air force bases, missile and ground support operations, and manufacturers requiring 400 Hz power for product testing.

Frequency conversion to allow the electrical testing of products that are to be shipped worldwide

Using motor-generator sets to convert frequency to create a power source to test products that are to be shipped internationally.

Line conditioning by a MG-Set Provides a Source of Clean Power for Maritime applications

Two Examples of Maritime Applications

Rugged Outdoor Applications for Motor-Generator Sets

Critical applications that require continuous uptime, at full power in adverse conditions with minimal required maintenance.

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