60EA Model Reconditioned Motor-Generator Set

50-60 Hz Frequency Converter

60EA Model


Precise 60 Hz output frequency
Reliable and durable
Easy to operate
Exceptional MTBF
Minimal maintenance required
Equipped with a standard control panel

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60EA Datasheet


60EA Model motor-generator sets are ideal for installations where a precise 60 Hz output is required.

Horlick 60EA Model motor-generator sets utilize a 4-pole, 1500 RPM, synchronous motor to drive a 4-pole, 1800 RPM, synchronous generator through a timing belt drive system. The output frequency is precisely 60 Hz from no-load to full-load. 60EA Model motor-generator sets are rated for continuous duty and they provide manufacturers a clean source of 60 Hz power isolated from switching transients, voltage fluctuations and power line noise. They are most commonly utilized by foreign manufacturers who require 60 Hz power to test electrical equipment prior to shipment to the United States. Alternatively, these motor-generator sets can also be utilized in overseas applications to power 60 Hz equipment brought over from the United States.

60EA Motor-Generator Set Standard Control Panel

Horlick 60EA Model motor-generator sets are designed to be installed inside where an 85-95 dBA noise level is acceptable. As an option, 60EA Model motor-generator sets can be mounted in a weather-resistant enclosure, a sound-reduced enclosure, a cargo container or a trailer. Each 60EA Model motor-generator set is equipped with a standard control system that can be unit-mounted, wall mounted or free standing. The components in the control system perform the functions necessary to operate, monitor and protect the system.

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System Integration

Horlick motor-generator sets are equipped with a standard control system that can be unit-mounted, wall-mounted or free-standing.

Protective Enclosures

Options include mounting motor-generator sets in a weather-resistant enclosure, in a sound-reduced enclosure or on a trailer.

Control Panels

Control panel design at a minimum may include such options as PLC control with Operator Interface Terminal, generator reconnection switch, or digital meter package.

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