Reconditioned Motor-Generator Sets

Model Availability

The Horlick Company has over 60 years of experience manufacturing motor-generator sets. Over time, many of our customers’ requirements have grown or changed, and as a result, we have repurchased a number of our units over the years. Because of our buyback program, we are equipped with a comprehensive inventory of reconditioned units that we offer to sell to our customers. The most common motor-generator sets in our stock are 50PF Model systems utilized in 60-50 Hz frequency conversion applications and 60EA Model systems utilized in 50-60 Hz applications. We also have a limited supply of 400SCX Model motor-generator sets which can be utilized to meet the requirements of certain 60-400 Hz projects. Our stock of reconditioned motor-generator sets varies, and as a result, all quotations for reconditioned equipment are subject to prior sale.

The Reconditioning Process

In order to extend the life and insure the integrity of our reconditioned motor-generator sets, we completely overhaul every system prior to shipment. Our overhaul process includes pulling the rotors from the motor and generator and steam cleaning and baking the rotors and stators of each. When we re-assemble the unit, we install new bearings and a belt if applicable and we paint the system. We supply a newly wired control panel with each reconditioned motor-generator set that is typically comprised of a mix of new and used control components. Horlick reconditioned motor-generator sets are fully factory tested and certified once the overhaul process is complete. We provide a standard one-year warranty for each system that we ship.

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System Integration

Horlick motor-generator sets are equipped with a standard control system that can be unit-mounted, wall-mounted or free-standing.

Protective Enclosures

Options include mounting motor-generator sets in a weather-resistant enclosure, in a sound-reduced enclosure or on a trailer.

Control Panels

Control panel design at a minimum may include such options as PLC control with Operator Interface Terminal, generator reconnection switch, or digital meter package.

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