The Horlick Company has a dedicated staff of professionals who realize the need to design and supply rugged and reliable equipment.
Our strength is in applications engineering and the ability to focus on the specific requirements of each of our valued customers.


The Horlick Company announces the recent shipment of PLC-based, industrial control panels to a customer of the Wintriss Controls Group.

The four control panels are to be used to retrofit manufacturing equipment for a US-based, HVAC manufacturer. Randolph, MA – …
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The Horlick Company announces the recent shipment of a number of PLC-based industrial control panels to TevTech

The control panels are to be used to monitor and control process equipment for a major ceramics supplier in Asia …
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The Horlick Company announces the shipment of a 60 Hz to 50 Hz frequency conversion motor-generator set to OMI Industries

OMI Industries will use the motor-generator set to provide 50 Hz power to fully test their odor management products prior …
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Frequency Conversion & Load Isolation

We manufacture motor-generator sets to be used for both frequency conversion and load-isolation. Backed by our technical expertise, Horlick motor-generator sets deliver a clean source of electrical power that is utilized in the defense, manufacturing and technology industries.


Horlick motor-generator sets are well-designed, rugged and dependable. At this very moment, they are providing a source of reliable, uninterrupted electrical power to manufacturing facilities and military installations worldwide.

Standard, Custom or Rental

We offer standard models or we can customize a design to meet our customers’ unique requirements.

For those customers who do not have long-term requirements, we have a limited rental fleet available for immediate shipment to meet your short-term needs.

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Wide Range of Industries

We manufacture and test industrial control panels that are used to run processes in a wide-variety of industries to include food processing, packaging, HVAC, vacuum process, chemical, oil and gas. and water and waste water to name a few.


Our capabilities include engineering and design, control panel assembly, PLC programming, HMI screen develop­ment, testing and field start-ups.

Built to Customer Specification

No two customers are alike in their requirements. We work with customers who provide us with a complete electrical design and bill of material and expect us to manufacture to their exact requirements. We also work with customers who do not have a developed specification and design and who rely on us to perform all of the engineering required for their projects. Our staff has extended experience and our strength is our ability to work with each of our customers individually in a manner that is most suitable to them.

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